How I Found My Community

I've always been drawn to "unexplained" phenomena as a believer. Some people believe that if something isn't supported by facts or proof, it isn't worth considering. However, cryptozoology, the study of hidden or unknown creatures, has piqued my interest since I was a child. Stories about Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, and other mysterious beasts that lurked in dark forests around the world always drew me in.

Despite my curiosity, it wasn't until much later that I decided to dive into cryptozoology and explore its depths.

And now is an excellent time to get involved. Cryptozoologists have learned more about these mysterious creatures than ever before thanks to technological advances such as new research tools and greater access to information via the internet. It's very exciting! This field provides me with numerous opportunities for knowledge-seeking as someone who enjoys discovering new things and learning as much as possible about our planet and its history.

So far on my journey into the world of cryptozoology, I've read books by some of the top researchers in the field, taken online courses from prestigious institutions like Harvard University, and sought advice from experts on how to study these fascinating subjects. With each discovery, we gain a better understanding of not only these enigmatic creatures, but also of global cultures and ecosystems.

Throughout all of this research over the years, one thing has become increasingly clear: cryptozoology is more than just an interesting hobby; it is a whole community of passionate researchers eager to share their findings with peers all over the world. Everyone involved in this niche field of study wants to make connections with others who share a passion for learning more about it, whether that means talking about hunter reports or analyzing scientific data from wildlife reserves. To that end, I am reaching out to other cryptozoologists who might be interested in exchanging notes on our shared interest (and hopefully making some amazing discoveries in the process)!