So it seems like wedding bells are ringing, and they are ringing for me. And I can safely say they are ringing for my Mr. Right as well.


I can't say that the girly wedding ever appealed to me. I am just not that type of girl. I love the idea of getting married in white. That is every woman's dream I guess. At least here in these parts. But then I am just too much of an outdoors woman to stuff myself in a big flowery wedding gown. It just wouldn't work. For one, I don't have the body for getting into such a gown. I am sure they have one in my size, but then, you can get a gown for just about any body type.

The wedding isn't depended on the dress, nor any of the other trappings that you find everywhere. When I look at the "real" weddings, they have them on just about every wedding site, (The Knot is a good example they have 13,000 galleries as of writing) you have to ask how many of them are really affordable.

While I want to give my family and friends a nice experience, I can't see spending money I don't have on the celebration. If it isn't there, it isn't there.

Nice And Simple

I am not going to go all out if I can do it myself.

There are so many things that you can do yourself. You don't need to have everything handcrafted for your celebration. The fact that you are getting married, that is the most important aspect. It is also the one that your guests will remember the most.

You don't need to spend a fortune on decorations. A bouquet of simple flowers will get the same reactions as the expensive lilies. You should realize that you're guests will probably look at it for a fraction of a second think it is nice and move on. It can just as easily cost $5 instead of $20.

The same goes for the paper products. We plan to get ours printed online by a service like WeddingInvitations100 which offers beautiful (printed) watercolor invitations. I love the peaceful look that they have and it is just right for our celebration.

If my guests don't approve. Well, it might have been a mistake including them.

The Big Deal About The Big Day

I want it to be special. I want it to be memorable. I want it to be affordable.

There is no reason what it can't be all of these things.

You've probably seen those things where they give you different options and a you need to pick one. You know, where you end up with one good option and the other is a bit of a dud. Many of those wedding sites make it seem like special, memorable, and affordable are somehow mutually exclusive.


Because they are not. And they never have been.

If I have learned anything in my life it is that you do not need to give out a lot to have a good time. Celebrating a marriage is no different. And I have been to many of them in my lifetime. The ones that made me the happiest were the ones that were simple. They were nice. Everybody was fed, and you had more that enough, everybody went home full, they went home happy.

For me this is a big deal. I want my wedding to be like that.

The Wedding In My Opinion

In my opinion the wedding is about more than just having great looking photos that feel more like a photo shoot for some magazine, it is about actually enjoying yourself.

Well, I know I am in the minority here. The most girls out there, they want the big celebration with an over the top ceremony and a reception that cost more than me and my fiancee earn in a year (combined). That is the way my sisters celebrated.

For the first one my dad, bless his heart, went into debt. I think it cost something to the tune of $15,000+ in '97. My sister would be married for twenty years this coming Fall. But the marriage only held out for three years. That was money wasted.

When my little sister got married a few years later he made her pay for it.

She was a bit upset. After all he let me older sister run the show for her's and he still hadn't gotten everything paid off.

I told him then that he didn't have to worry about me. We'd (my future husband and I) would take care of it for ours. I think that the look of relief on his face at that time was very telling. Unlike my sisters I am not going to blow a bundle of cash on the celebration.

Jeff and I have agreed that if we wouldn't buy it for ourselves we are not going to be giving it to our guests.

And what that means is:

  • The wedding ceremony will be tasteful, decorated with wild flowers, and held in a traditional venue. Yeah, I am talking about a church.
  • The reception will be pleasant, but it won't be over the top extravagant. The meal will be delicious, but I am not talking three star, seven course meals.
  • The honeymoon is going to be a camping/hiking sort of affair. So outside of supplies it won't be too expensive.

Weddings Today

I am sure that some of what I have said has not gone unnoticed, at least not by all of you. I think the trend to have over the top weddings is older than most of us think. Think about my sister, even though that was an outlandish sum of money to spend on the wedding she wasn't alone. It was mostly through competition with her best friend and maid of honor that it got so expensive. Both of them were getting married around the same time and it became a look and see sort of thing.

I never heard how much the maid of honor's wedding was but I assume it was about the same. Maybe a little less since her family wasn't as well off. But not too much, maybe about a thousand dollars or so.

For me life isn't about money, it is about experiences and they don't have to be expensive. You can get just as much out of twenty dollars as you can out of fifty. It just some down to how you use it.

A Word To Brides

When you plan your wedding, please, please look deep inside. Don't let yourself get blinded by the amazing photos you see on the Internet, on facebook, or instagram. Look at the things that were important to you before you decided to get married. Look at what makes you and your SO happy.

These are the things that you should be working into your ceremony and reception.

These are aspects of who you are. They give your guests a chance to see you for who you are.

When you make it big, make it expensive, you only make it fake. You aren't showing the real you. And you want to be honest, you want to know what you want out of your marriage.

And there is no better time to start than at the very beginning.

I wish you the best of luck!


I am an outdoorswoman, I'm very experienced in hunting, camping, hiking, and general survival.

I'm very familiar and used to wildlife, and I was charged by what I believe was a cryptid called a dogman, it charged me and my cousin, it was not a bear, a bear cannot move how it did, and it was not a normal wolf as they can't comfortably run on 2 legs whereas what charged us seemed natural at doing.

This happened around June or July of 1997 I believe, I was around 17 years old and more cocky then, but still somewhat knowledgeable of the outdoors.

My family used to own a cabin in NW Wisconsin, I basically grew up there in the summer, I knew the woods well, but at night it was wise to stay in the cabin or at least by the bonfire by the beach, because of bears, wolves, and cougars. One of the creepiest things was if you were having a bonfire, the treeline was visible from the fire pit and beach, and at night you always felt like you were being watched from that treeline. But during the day the woods always seemed normal, not so creepy, that is until this incident. So this happened somewhere between 1200-1400.

Me and my cousin were having an airsoft battle, I was in full woodland camo, he was not, I retreated onto the ATV trail into the woods for a tactical advantage and our battle took us about 200 meters in to about a third of the way up the trail. We had enough at this point and were standing at the edge of a clearing on the trail talking and he was maybe 10 feet from me, when I decided to mess with him, I shushed him and said "we're being watched", he froze, then I realized the woods were dead quiet and I got spooked and started scanning the treeline and the other edge of the clearing from left to right when I saw it. It's teeth gave it away, it was panting and staring at my cousin, I don't expect you to believe me, but what I saw was a wolf as big as a black bear, at least 300lbs, but it wasn't normal, this wolf was on 2 legs crouching next to tree with its arm grasping the tree, grasping with a clawed hand, it had reddish brown fur.

I told my cousin that "we have to go" and next thing I know he is sprinting and I look back at wolfy who had locked on and sprinted a few steps on two feet and then I turned and ran when it looked like wolfy was dropping to all fours, it charged us and sounded right on our asses barreling through the brush, but for whatever reason let us go when we broke out of the tree line and headed for the cabin. What stuck with me the most was the sheer size, wolfy appeared to be nearly 7' tall when upright, and that where it should've had front paws it appeared to have large clawed hands.

Now I'm not sure how to explain it away rationally, I have heard wolves will occasionally kind of walk upright but as far as I know they can't sprint on 2 legs, nor do wolves get that big, and black bears more waddle on 2 legs. The closest description is silly, a werewolf or dogman. Thank you for reading. . . .


this just happend to me like a couple nights ago and has been a ongoing thing now for a year or so.

It started like a year ago when my exes dad was sleeping in his tent trailer on the side of my yard.

A steep gravel road comes out of thick dense forest that curves around my house and leads to a steep drop off into more dense forest which has a stream at the bottom.

Sometimes I see deer and beer go running into the area with the drop off to go down and get water. Anyways one night he is asleep and hears what he swears is a person mumbling to themselves in a language he can't understand.

He looks outside and sees what he explains as a big ass dog. Bigger then anything he's ever seen. Now I blow it off because It sounds ridiculous and he doesn't sleep with his glasses on so I figured he just misidentified a coyote which we have around our house.

A couple of months later it's around one in the morning I let my dogs out and they are acting scared shit less I can't get them to go outside to potty because they are just too scared they refuse to leave my porch in fact my pug just shits right there on my porch. I bring them in and this is the first night I hear the squeeling, I was raised around livestock so I know what a pig sounds like but this was different imagine a piglet being slaughtered but run through some sort of audio distortion making it sound off.

It's hard to explain without a clip, it kept going on for like two minutes of course the second I grab my phone it stops. A couple months later in the bushes next to the steep incline I hear something huge busting through the trees recorded it but all I got was the sound of limbs busting.

Cut to last week I had taken my husband out for dinner and we are going around the last S curve to get to my house then I saw what Rich had saw. I didn't believe it at first because it was so odd, what kind of animal walks against traffic? Not only that it was even in the road it stayed on the shoulder.

It was bigger then any wild dog I've ever seen it was about four feet tall from paws to back and it had a slow deliberate walk like a AT-AT is the only way I can describe it. was to find somebody who has seen something similar but so far I've been unsuccessful. I've just been calling it "The Werepig" my gf just calls it "The Monster in the woods".


This is just a pretty generalized idea, but I feel like the majority of cryptids stay concealed because they are basically endangered animals with relatively small populations. They are also probably skittish and elusive by nature, so they avoid places with large amounts of people because of all the noise and such.

Humans pose a threat to cryptids just like we pose a threat to all other known animals. We destroy and pollute their habitats, making it harder for them to survive and thrive.

I enjoy documentaries about cryptids that try to keep things objective and focus mostly on the facts. I feel this makes them the most credible. Although I am also a fan of mockumentaries, as they're very entertaining and allow one to think how a creature would exist with more ability to guess at these things than to just say "well we're not really sure."

I carry my camera around a lot but that's about as far as it goes in terms of looking for cryptids.

I do plan to go searching eventually, I think it'll be a fun experience and I'll get some nice nature pictures in general but I don't expect to find much.

It's my opinion that cryptids are most of the time just undiscovered creatures that developed naturally but humans haven't extensively studied yet. Although I try to keep an open mind and don't think it would be too outlandish to suspect "otherworldly" intervention.

I would consider myself an environmentalist. I think we have the responsibility to stop habitat destruction for the sake of all the animals on Earth, possible cryptids included.

Cryptids as animals are almost definitely elusive and endangered, and we don't want to wipe out an entire species before even discovering it.

I think that the films & the media choose two versions of cryptids. There's the "scary" movie, like The Hollow (2015) that seem to be some kind of warning that cryptids are a naturally destructive force. Possibly that is a projection of our own feelings about our own monstrous destruction that you point out. There's this other side though--mostly in kid's films like the remake of Pete's Dragon, The Water Horse, Fern Gully, or E.T.--where kids have a privileged relationship with the creatures, protecting them from adult threats. It could be an exercise in building little environmentalists, as many children's books and films build implicit and explicit expectations for the world--acculturation.


The Panda was once considered a "cryptid". The Okapi was thought to be mythological until 1901.

But mostly ~200 years ago.

The gorilla wasn't confirmed as a real animal until 1847, for example. As to whether anything that has ever actually been called a cryptid has been revealed, I don't know. Certainly it's been done in retrospect with things like the Okapi, but that's pretty unsatisfying - it's just a late entry in the 1800s catalog, really. Rediscoveries and giant versions or dwarf version of known animals are very different from what in many cases would require whole new orders of animalia.

I believe the Giant Squid was once considered a cryptid, but it is not anymore. In fact, it is well documented in many shows. I believe it was first filmed back in Mexico.

It almost always stay very very deep underwater, hence making everybody believe it was a hoax. It was very elusive for many centuries. So far, the Giant Squid is all I know. It would be good if more can be found though. Someone should invent a machine that can photograph literally all areas of a lake at once to see if there are really river monsters, e.g. the Lochness monster.


I was house sitting my grandparents ranch in between madera and chowchilla towards the base of the foothills leading up to the sierra nevadas.

there is a creek/slough that runs along the back of the property that separates the neighbors property and my grandparents. It is thicket ed with bamboo and has always been a favorite fishing spot of mine. It was late afternoon and I decided to go give it a shot for the first time since water had come back through. I grabbed my fishing poles and hopped on the golf cart and started driving parallel to the slough where our huge pasture meets the beginning of the heavy bamboo thicket.

Coming up on a curve where the slough bends I made the curve and immediately slammed on the breaks and saw some sort of canid still almost as if it was a deer caught in headlights, it stood there and seemed to take note of me but not flee.

Almost as if it was not threatened by my presence.

It was hunched forward in stature almost like a hyena but not quite, It had wiry dark grey hair and walked in kind of a slinking motion, with its back off the floor I'm estimating about 5 to 5 and a half feet off the ground. It surveyed the area for a couple more seconds and slowly disappeared into the bamboo thick. I was perplexed as to what the hell this thing could be as the only known canids in my area are foxes and coyotes. And I had never seen anything like It before.

I became increasingly interested in what I saw and couldn't find much of anything on undiscovered canids sightings in California. But I did find a picture online of whats known as the shunka warakin that has a striking resemblance to what I saw that day. From what ive seen My best guess is that it was some sort of hyena-k9 hybrid.