Hum, maybe I should reconsider that title ... No. I like it. It also fits with today's theme quite nicely.

Baby showers and how many is too many?.

We are expecting our third child - due late spring - and we are very excited about the newest addition to our family. The problem is, so is everyone else in the family. That is why my mother and aunt, who was for all extensive purposes more like a big sister when I was growing up are throwing my husband and me a baby shower.

This would be shower number three. And it felt strange when we had our first one, the second was even more of a stretch since my husband and I were even more established, we also had many of the things one needs when caring for a baby.

We didn't need to buy a changing table, crib, cradle, or any of the other items one normally acquires when having their first child.

And on the other side I can understand why they want to celebrate. They're our family and they want to be included.

We appreciate this and have been looking for ways to compromise.

One thing that my husband and I have been contemplating is actually having a celebration. A Sip and See is an option, but that happens after the birth. My family would be hard pressed to miss out on the sort of celebration one normally associates with a baby shower since we will probably end up doing something similar later as well.

But the idea of a reverse shower, one where we treat the guests instead of them showering us with gifts seems like the most reasonable. And I have looked around, they appear to be common enough. They even have invitations and supplies for this type of celebration. So it isn't unheard of. My question though is if it is common.

I have voiced my concern with my husband that it would be rude to invite people to yet another shower. We both have good jobs and we do not need the supplies for our next child. Even if we did I would have a problem asking for them a third time. But I guess that is my sensibilities.

Out of curiosity I went ahead and looked to see if having more than one was seen as a taboo. Actually I guess I am old fashioned. At one time it was seen as bad style to have more than one baby shower. Not more than one child mind you. Any time you ask for gifts it is usually a one time thing. But in recent years, maybe the last two decades you can have more than one and not be seen as a greedy baby bottle hoarder.

Thank goodness!

For me it still feels like it is a little too much. I am all for sharing the day with family and having fun and I think that has been the reasoning behind my mother and aunt's insistence that they be allowed to host the shower but it is really the shower aspect that makes it uncomfortable to me.

I will keep you informed