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I guess it is time for an update. As you know, my sister is getting married (again) and I have been asked to be her maid-of-honor. Today I think I will reflect on my maid-of-honor duties which have been to some various degrees has been more than I expected and less. It's complicated (you have to read the other post for more), my sister's wedding has been one of several de javus, to explain that would mean to know here history saying "I Do." But I sincerely hope that this is the last time she will have to walk down the aisle to find happiness.

As I write this, my sister’s wedding day is getting closer and closer. We’ve spent the past few months coming up with ideas for decorations, dresses, dishes, music – you name it! It wasn't until after we struck on the eucalyptus color scheme that it all started coming together. She was determined to celebrate the wedding outside and as you know, spring showers bring May flowers. Anything can happen at that time of year, so I suggested that we find a venue that offers a reception, as well as a place to celebrate the wedding ceremony in the event of weather. After many long hours of hard work, planning, and decision-making (which she is notoriously bad at), things are starting to feel more relaxed. It’s nice to see that all our efforts are slowly but surely paying off.

Reflecting on the past few months has served as a special reminder of everything we've been through together. As maid of honor for my beloved sister, I had the honor of assisting her in planning her wedding day, and it has been a meaningful journey every step of the way.

I had the honor of assisting her in finding the perfect wedding gown and then the fun task of finding special favors for her guests from the start. As the big day approaches, I've been helping with last-minute preparations. I've been grateful, though I think that, while I have teased her, to be by my sister's side every step of the way throughout the entire process has been rewarding. She wasn't even out of college when she first got married; that surely contributed to the breakup then, now she is older, she has matured, and gotten calmer. Things that all contribute to making a wedding a success.

When she asked me to be her maid-of-honor, I was honestly a little shocked. Yet, there are no words to express how much joy and blessing it has been to be a part of my sister's wedding journey. My role as her maid-of-honor was an unforgettable experience-one that I will never forget-and yet it has served as a reminder of the special bond we share as sisters, and I am grateful to have been a part of her special day. While she can be annoying, so can I, that doesn't mean that we don't have a special bond.

The significance of this moment has not gone unnoticed; both my sister and I are aware of how significant it is. She will finally be able to marry her Mr. Right and celebrate with family and friends; in the meantime, I will be able to witness the entire event firsthand and bask in all of the joy, drama, and frustration that surrounds these special moments.

Overall, these past few months—hard it's to believe it's been nearly half a year—have been filled with memories that neither of us will ever forget. As we prepare for this special occasion, I am filled with excitement for what is to come!