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SO it became official a while ago, but I wasn't really sure that I wanted to share it on the site, since the topic clashes a little bit with the direction I am planning on taking it in now. But being the maid-of-honor for my sister's third wedding has been a challenging experience thus far. From the start, my sister was blissfully indecisive about every aspect of her wedding, she likes it luxurious and extravagant, ut she and my BiL will be going into this a little more sane than she did her first one which as I have shared before cost my dad a sizable sum.

As it stands we have made some headway, at least in the form of the wedding color scheme, she is thinking green, maybe a little blue, her two favorite colors, after black of course but her first one was a strictly black tie event. In all seriousness though, from the venue to the dress, my sister can't seem to make a decision to save her life. Despite the initial difficulty, it has been, hum, a joy to help my sister plan her special day.

The wedding dress was the first challenge we faced. My sister wanted a beautiful form fitting gown, something unique and feminine with a bit of sparkle. This was more challanging than it sounds since she just gave birth to their first child, and she was really critical. After trying on dozens of dresses, she finally found the one that made her feel beautiful. She chose a white satin dress with lace and beading detail, they all sort of look like that I know, but she was happy.

The hardest part of planning my sister's wedding was trying to please everyone, BiL has been a dream, he just wants her to be happy, but his mother has been another story. With her being married for the third time, there were a lot of opinions about the wedding. Yet, she still feels the need to make sure everyone was happy with the decisions we have made thus far. In the end, we will manage to get it done, but I wish she would be a little more decisive when it comes to the whole thing.

To be completely honset it has been stressful. But I am proud and honored to have been chosen as my sister's maid-of-honor. This is actually the first time I have done it for her. And of course I wish her all the best for her future, so making sure everything is perfect is a major priority for me as well. I want to look back at my sister's wedding and see it for what it was a beautiful event that I was happy to have been a part of. Despite the challenges of indecisiveness and conflicting opinions, we will hopefully be able to plan an intimate and memorable event that will also be her true happily ever after.

When this is all said and done I will be glad to go back to Bigfoot and company. :)