I was driving at night down a dark, 2-lane, deserted road with some friends in my car.

There were no street lamps on this road and it was bordered on both sides by tall, overgrown trees.

The only substantial light came from my headlights. I was going probably about 20 MPH. Suddenly, I spotted some sort of animal crossing the road. My friend in the front seat saw it as well. Now, neither of us got a clear look at it, but we both thought it was odd-looking in a rather disturbing way. It looked hairless and flesh-colored, perhaps about the size of an opossum or a groundhog.

What was most strange about it was that, in the brief glimpse we had of it, it did not seem to have any discernible features aside from the general shape. It moved in a way that seemed very unnatural, almost like a weird ball of flesh sort of just scooting across the road.

At first I thought I was looking at some sort of rodent that didn't have any feet or eyes trying to crawl across the road. I cannot identify any known cryptid or even mythical creature which it might have been, and I haven't heard of any relevant stories or similar sightings. It was almost certainly just something quite normal that merely appeared strange in the particular conditions in which we saw it. In fact, the only "evidence" that anything out of the ordinary happened at all is that two people saw it and both reacted with equal surprise.

I have two theories, aside from it just being a completely normal animal of some kind that somehow appeared surprising due to the surrounding conditions:

  1. a diseased animal of some sort, perhaps having lost some or all of its fur, possibly an opossum, groundhog, or skunk
  2. one of those brown plastic grocery bags drifting slowly across the road and deforming slightly in the air as it went

Moments after we saw it we were discussing what we had seen, but as we had places to be we didn't bother trying to go back or look into it further. .