I love Lost Tapes. The Monster of Monterrey episode was pretty spooky. The last few minutes in the deep water really get to me.

It definitely wasn't a high quality show, especially in the hands of Animal Planet.

If you read the imdb boards for the show there are a lot of people that seem to think the footage is real. It was bad sci-fi cheese on a somewhat reputable network for learning about animals. Maybe it would have been better as a Sy-Fy show, with a bigger budget. One thing that series needed was more moneyshots of the monsters.

So many episodes rely on the characters hearing spooky shit instead of actually seeing anything.

I've seen every episode on Netflix. There's 2 or 3 others I can't seem to find online though. I've watched so many that I start to notice the goofy cliffhangers they edit for commercial breaks. It's always, "OHHH WOAH DO YOU SEE THAT?? WHAT'S THAT???"

Commercial Just like the South Park Ghost Hunters episode but I still really like Destination Truth. I wish there were more.

There's one that I'll watch occasionally called Mountain Monsters. Fake as all hell, but it's fun to watch the gang of rednecks build their Scooby Doo traps.