For several years this site has been a place for me to share my hobby. Namely Cryptids and paranormal activity related research. This is something that has always filled me with a lot of enthusiasm and given me an outlet for my analytical side. Today I thought that I would change the subject but not that same sense of analysis and focus on something that is equally important to me. Family.

Some of you know that we have an active growing family and you have asked how we manage to balance everything.

This is a question that I ask myself as well at times.

Usually though we have time for everything with a little bit of energy left to spare.

We have two children ages three and four and a half with the third (and final) on the way. On top of that we have careers that keep us busier than we would like.

The reason that I am bring this up is due to a conversation my husband had with a college. He and a senior in the company were having dinner. The college brought up a story that involved him and a client at the company.

I will try to make it brief, without needing to go into the back story. But it involved the client not taking a great job opportunity. This confused my husband's college and couldn't see the sense in it when the client tried to explain. The client said that he didn't want to work that much. Period. And they had a good reason to, simply; he had kids, a family, frankly he liked that his job allowed him to time with them.

Honestly? This is a very reasonable explanation in my opinion.

Both the college and company senior were ashamed of the man and his lack of regard for his job. For me this is putting the cart in front of the horse. And though it has been working at the current state, once baby number three arrives my husband wants to look for another job. And honestly with a corporate culture like that I fully support him.