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I got married in 2017, so I am going on my fifth year anniversary which means, yeah! But there is another wedding coming up on the horizon. And as you recall there were some reservations about the style we wanted. Being more the hands-on outdoorsy type the wedding we held reflected that-nature, some of the people on Insta called it rustic back then, but I am not sure that really fit. I am that way, square peg in a round hole, or whatever. I wanted simple, affordable, and fun. You can actually have all three.

As you know my sister got married in '97, that lasted until around '00, at which time they separated. Then a few years after that she got fully divorced. Her first wedding cost our father close to $15,000, he half joked that he had to go into debt, the truth was that he actually did. Money wasted in my opinion. When she found Mr. Right 2.0 it was different, she paid for it all herself, less extravagant than the first, but still costly. They got divorced at the start of the pandemic. I think that that was the final nail in a shaky coffin. Now she is taking her third trip down the aisle soon. She and my BiL had their first child was born at the end of last year. My sister would be married for twenty years this coming Fall.

She and her fiancee are playing for the wedding together, they both earn enough, but they have both been married before so they want it small and intimate. My sister doesn't do affordable very well, but it will likely cost less than her last one.

Now I am being asked to be the maid-of-honor. Something that I have done for friends before, but never for my sister.

At first I was skeptical, but then the idea grew on my, a little bit at least. Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, but planning one with your siblings can be even more challenging.

So if you ask me where I am now, my sister and I are in the process of planning her dream eucalyptus-themed wedding, and there have been plenty of ups and downs along the way. I posted last week that she wasn't really sure what she wanted. And that it true to this day, but eucalyptus seems to be the hot trend now and that is what she wants.

The invitations for the wedding were really the thing that added the much needed corner stone for the theme. I understand that as the maid-of-honor for my sister’s wedding, I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders (though I think it should be less since this is the third time). When we set out to find the right-for lack of a better word,something-for her wedding the outlook was bleak, she loves everything that is luxurious, expensive, and dare I say shiny. At some point it became clear that we weren't going to get very far so I suggested that we set things in motion by choosing the wedding invitations. The date was set for sometime so we could get them anytime we wanted. I hoped that they would speak to her when she found the perfect eucalyptus-themed invitations that would set the tone of her special day. After hours of searching and comparing dozens (or hundreds, I lost count) of options, we finally landed on a design that was perfect.

I knew that she wanted the invitation to be elegant yet simple. Then we found one with classic shades of green which were featured the eucalyptus in the design gave it eye-catching charm with out being overwhelming. To add texture and depth to the invitation, we-alright, the designer-choose to incorporate various shades of green mixed with hints of grays and blues to give it an earthy feel. In addition to showcasing my sister’s love for nature, these colors also served as an ode to her favorite color – blue!

The final product was absolutely stunning. Though I was told that I was not allowed to share her invitation under any circumstances, I managed to find a similar invitation, which I am allowed to share. As you can see with its classic fonts and intricate details like die cuts and raised ink, each invitation is truly one-of-a-kind. My sister was overjoyed at the finished product – she couldn’t wait to send them out and start planning her big day!

Similar eucalyptus wedding invitations

It took me quite some time to find the perfect invites, but when I finally did it was all worth it! Not only did my sister get exactly what she wanted, it allowed her to start making plans for the rest of the wedding as well. Also, I would be lying if I said that I didn't get to have a fun project that made me feel like we were moving forward with wedding planning process!

Speaking of which, here’s what we’re doing to make it all come together!

Our Venue: A Sisterly Struggle

You are tasked with finding the ideal venue for the celebration as part of the wedding planning process. We had conflicting ideas about where the ceremony should be held for her eucalyptus-themed wedding: she wanted an outdoor setting (something she hadn't had before, but absolutely wanted), while I preferred something inside due to potential weather issues.

We debated the advantages and disadvantages of both options before settling on a venue that provided both. We could hold the ceremony outside to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, but we could also move the event inside if the weather turned bad. This option provided us with the best of both worlds, allowing us to have our dream eucalyptus-themed wedding.

Wedding planning can be a stressful process, but my sister and I were able to find a solution that worked for us thanks to a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor options. We both agreed that this was the best way to ensure that we could celebrate her special day without being concerned about the possibility of inclement weather. Based on the time of year they are celebrating, this is most likely.

Finally, we were able to locate the ideal location for my sister's eucalyptus-themed wedding. We were able to create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience with the help of our venue, which we will both remember for years to come.

Our Decor: Creating a Cohesive Look

When my sister announced that she would be walking down the aisle for the third time, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the wedding would be nothing short of spectacular. As the maid of honor, it was my responsibility to select accessories for the wedding that would unify the theme. We were drawn to the idea of a eucalyptus-themed wedding after finding the perfect invitation.

We'll use eucalyptus garlands to decorate the chairs at the ceremony and to make bouquets for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Eucalyptus will also be used in the centerpieces at each table during the reception.

We were able to create a cohesive look that tied all of the elements together by using eucalyptus throughout the wedding. It's a really lovely color.

Food & Drink: Food (Not Really) Fit for a Koala

With the eucalyptus-themed wedding, we have been busy selecting the food and drinks to be served at the reception. Deciding what to serve was a challenge, but in the end we compromised and chose a combination of traditional favorites like steak and chicken, as well as some unique dishes like stuffed mushrooms and roasted vegetables. She

My sister wanted her favorite wine served at every table, while I suggested having some specialty cocktails in addition to beer and wine options. To meet in the middle, we decided on having three signature cocktails themed after eucalyptus. They are sure to be a hit with everyone in attendance and will add to the special atmosphere of the wedding.

We're certain her guests will have a wonderful time enjoying the delicacies and drinks at the eucalyptus-themed wedding.

Overall, everything is coming together for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. To be honest, planning her dream wedding has been an incredible experience so far – full of laughter, tears and lots of compromises (oddly enough most of them have been mine)! We can’t wait until this all comes together in just over two months from now! While I know that this isn't the main focus on my site, that being cryptids, if you have any thoughts or advice regarding her eucalyptus-themed wedding plans (or if you have any tips from your own experiences!) then please let me know – I would love to hear them!