I work hard and my career is very important to me. Does that mean that I don't have enough time for my family? Does it mean that I don't have a chance to follow my interests? No, not at all. It just means that I have a harder time finding a place for those interests.

I work very hard. But at the same time I love my job and I find that it fulfills me in the same way that my family life fulfills me.

While I have been told that I work more than some people in my company I can say from personal observation that I also work less than others. Productivity and success in the company is not improved or impacted for those who work less or those that work more. For me, productivity, operates on the ability to plan. I use up every moment I have for tasks that need to be accomplished. Both at work and at home I try to work as efficiently as I can.

This is method to also maximize free time.

You see I don't work non-stop. I set time aside at home just as if I was scheduling tasks at work.

One example that I could use would be email. Yes I still use email. It works for me and I feel less hassled by it than by text etc. because I can actually use full sentences. Anyway, I check and reply to email first thing in the morning. This gives me a chance to focus on the specifics of the email throughout the day.

If I didn't I would be frantically trying to handle the "problems" as they come in. And that means in off hours as well.

As a parent and wife I have the obligation to protect my family and that means from my job as well. The thought of having my children to grow up and only remember me sitting at a desk or at the kitchen table buried under work is heartbreaking image.

That said I haven't always succeeded in juggling everything. And it can get tricky at times. But one setback doesn't need to derail you.

That is the trick to success as much in your professional life as in your personal.